fredag 30 januari 2015

Kpop: Tey (태이)

A darker and more sexy look is what Tey from Mr Mr. goes for in his solo debut. The video is well choreographed and produced and I the song works quite well, so in combination with him showing of some impressive abs, I imagine this is pure gold for the ladies.

Mandopop: Wang Lin - Simida (思密達)

Obviously Wang Lin is taking her cue from Korean dramas in this video where she uses korean loan words like "oppa", and I am pretty sure the name of the song "Simida" is a korean word but I'm not sure which. It could be "습니다" which is a general ending for making a sentence more formal. A chinese friend says it should be meant as a chinese spelling of the korean word for darling (which one would that be, "salang"?). But I don't know. Anyway, for some reason I love this KTV (karaoke) song. The prelude is just fantastic electronica too. Don't miss her other good songs like "Shang Bu Qi".

torsdag 29 januari 2015

Kpop: Infinite H - Pretty (예뻐)

The nice and pretty boys of Infinite H is back with a nice and "Pretty" video, which is easily enjoyed and easily forgotten. Which is quite OK, that's what kpop is for. But seriously, the bromance in this video is really going strong... ;-P
  • Infinite H - Pretty (예뻐)

Jpop/rock: One Ok Rock - Cry Out

Japanese rockers One Ok Rock will be releasing their new album "35xxxv" on the 11th February, and this is the pre-release that will also be used for a Super Bowl Radio special in Japan (singer Tanaka talks about how America closes down on that day and how impressive it is). The video follows up on "Mighty Long Fall" with another kinetic and dramatic theme and production.

onsdag 28 januari 2015

Jpop: Asakura Saya (朝倉さや)

Asakura Saya is an incredibly charming 22 year old japanese girl doing her personal takes on Japanese and international songs by singing in her local Yamagata dialect. For me personally, this makes them all sound a little "Enka" ie traditional, and its great. Listen for example on her versions of of Norah Jones "Don't Know Why" with her own Japanese lyrics or versions on old anime themes.

tisdag 27 januari 2015

Mandopop: Xu Ziwai (徐子崴)

I gather that Xu Ziwai has been singing mostly ballads and movie themes but the song "Big Times / Da ShiDai" is more of a pop song written for the upcoming New Years Eve celebrations. It has two interesting elements - the updated square dancing theme so typical for Chinese cities and the name "Da Shidai" which has a special meaning in China. It implies the common or rather communal strivings of (mostly) communistic China for the (idealistically...) common good. With the modern economic politics Deng Xiaoping there was a transition to "Xiao Shidai" or "Small Times" ie everyone for themselves like in most other western countries. My impression is that Ziwai tries to woo the elder part of the public with this songs themes while hoping that the modern beats shall also hold some interest for the younger.

  • Xu Ziwai - Big Times (Da Xiwai / 大時代)

måndag 26 januari 2015

Jpop: Kira (キラ)

Kira is an R&B/reggae singer from Osaka, Japan who started her career singing in clubs and then, through competitions and guest performances on shows and songs (like Red Spider and Chehon), she has been getting more and more recognition. The newest video "Nadeshiko (Pink) Soul" was released last week and it shows of her reggae influences too in a nicely contrasting video. I really like the Amaoto song too, which is a little more electronic piece.