Here you can find my humble blog travelogues. The quality my vary, but there are at least lots of photos. Yes, thats me wearing a AKB48 T-shirt from their Sapporo Dome visit. But I never got any tickets, just the memorabilia… ;-)

San Diego, July 2012. I got a travel grant (in memory of Stefan Stenlund). It was written in Swedish, but the pictures speak for themselves. I went to San Diego and the worlds greatest GIS conference, ESRI.

Trip to South Africa 2012. Again I was honored to get a travel grant, this time from Uppsala University's "Sernanderska" fund. I and my supervisor went to Grahamstown, and then up to Gobabeb desert in Namibia. I am ashamed to still haven't written more than the first 6 days (out of 19).

Trip to Seoul, South Korea 2012. For my research it became somewhat of a dead-end alley, but still a fantastic chance to get to see to capital of kpop! But damn, is it cold there in December (and I grew up in the north of Sweden...).

Budapest, April 2013. I and my wife want on a three-day-trip to the capital of Hungary, Budapest.
South Korea and Japan, July-August 2013. July 18th - August 13th I went for a long research trip (into rock art), visiting Ulsan, Sapporo and Tokyo among other places.
Sapporo, Japan Dec 2013/Jan 2014. Why spend Christmas alone when I can go to Japan and revisit wonderful Sapporo (and find inspiration for next terms geography lessons)? The trip is from December 23rd - January 10th.
Chongqing, China, April 2014. So unknown to most people outside China, but what a city it was! The pulse, the history and the people mixed together with great sights and shopping.

Riga, Latvia, 4th - 7th July 2014. A weekend in the Baltic city that crowns the gulf of Livonia.

Romboleden. I am walking legs of the old Rombo trail in Sweden, a pilgrim trail part of the route's leading to S.t Olav's grave in Trondheim, Norway. I am sad to say I have chosen my native language Swedish for this, but you can watch the maps and images if you want.

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