torsdag 28 april 2016

Jpop: Sasanomaly - Re:verb

I have praised one-man act Sasanomaly for his inspiring videos and the new Re:verb is no exception. In the form of an arts & crafts experiment with prints (using the same director, Atsushi Makino, as in the previous videos), it tells the classic story of how hate breeds more hate and what to do about it.

onsdag 27 april 2016

Kpop: Sugardonut (슈가도넛)

Sugardonut was a 00's korean punk band that kind of stopped their activities for a couple of years after 2010 to then make a come back with less energetic but at least as interesting sounds with the albums Double Minus in 2014 and Polyverse last year. The new album is "Third of April" headed by the excellent single "Imagine, Close Your Eyes".

lördag 23 april 2016

Kpop: A-Daily (에이데일리)

To be honest A-Daily's members and videos feels at best average but the first two songs since their debut this december feels reminds me that surface isn't everything as the songs has a noticable charm. It's not gold, but well worth a listen or two.

fredag 22 april 2016

Kpop: Berry Good (베리굿)

If you are going to do sweet and pretty in kpop you better do it good because this is the number one style of especially female groups especially at the start of their career. This is why Berry Good have been very much under my radar so far, delivering a well polished but still rather thame aegyo (korean for sweet, like the japanese kawaii). This ends mostly with Angel which has that extra personality and quality that makes it stands out. They still would do even better I think if they dared step outside the sugary niche but hey if it works why break it?

Jpop: Stereo Japan (ステレオ トウキョウ)

Starting of as two sister groups in 2014 (Stereo Tokyo and Stereo Osaka) they merged into Stereo Japan last year, while continuing doing their jpop version of EDM. The young girl videos so far is a mixture of official videos and more "unofficial" fan videos, and while some of them been interesting (Buddist Bounce is the best example) my weakness for funky sounds make me like "Dancing Again" the most. UPDATE: Dancing Again has an official video. Finally!

torsdag 21 april 2016

Jpop: Tokyo Girls Style - Reflection ( リフレクション)

Since I wrote about Tokyo Girls Style they have lost one member but still some of the darkness lingers in the new video even though it is not as explicit as before.
  • Tokyo Girls Style - Reflection ( リフレクション)