måndag 26 januari 2015

Kpop: 9Muses - Drama

While 2013 was a golden year in my opinion for 9Muses with three great videos, 2014 meant losing some members and releasing nothing (I don't count sub-unit Nasty Nasty) the new Drama has two new girls joining the group making the "nine muses" actually counting eight lovely ladies... 9Muses is known for consistently delivering good (not fantastic) songs, and for their consistent concept (which to be honest is a kind of classic pin-up look), and the new music video is no exception even though I must say it's not up to GlueGun or Wild in either department. But it's not bad either, to be honest. The lyrics is about a girl being in love with her friend's boyfriend, and more drama is delivering as we get a remake of a (the) classic Marilyn Monroe scene.

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