tisdag 27 januari 2015

Mandopop: Xu Ziwai (徐子崴)

I gather that Xu Ziwai has been singing mostly ballads and movie themes but the song "Big Times / Da ShiDai" is more of a pop song written for the upcoming New Years Eve celebrations. It has two interesting elements - the updated square dancing theme so typical for Chinese cities and the name "Da Shidai" which has a special meaning in China. It implies the common or rather communal strivings of (mostly) communistic China for the (idealistically...) common good. With the modern economic politics Deng Xiaoping there was a transition to "Xiao Shidai" or "Small Times" ie everyone for themselves like in most other western countries. My impression is that Ziwai tries to woo the elder part of the public with this songs themes while hoping that the modern beats shall also hold some interest for the younger.

  • Xu Ziwai - Big Times (Da Xiwai / 大時代)

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