tisdag 13 januari 2015

Kpop: Top 10 of the last quarter of 2014

VIXX managed deliver a second great song this quarter, quite impressive.

First, some honorable mentions:
16. Dia - Paradise
15. T-ara ft Chopstock Brothers - Little Apple
14. Love x Stereo - Storm
13. Hitchhiker - 11
12. Hellovenus - Sticky Sticky
11. Topp Dogg - Annie

And the final top 10 is:

10. High4 - Headache. I just loved the sounds in this song, and the boys are really charming in the video, too. ;-)

9. Badkiz - Babomba. I actually like this video quite much, but listening to it on audio only can become a bit too much.

8. WIMP - Somewhere far. A fun song from this electrinc duo.

7. Wym - Trying. A soft and light electronic gem.

6. Super Junior - This is love. A classic kind of sound, and just what SJ needed.

5. Boyfriend - Witch. The vampire theme with a the boys being hunted (down) is great fun and suits the song.

4. IU & Seo Taiji - Sogyeokdon. I'm actually not a big fan of the no 1 kpop darling IU, but this song really suits her.

3. Laboum - What about you? On the surface is this a really mainstream and standard kpop song, but the fun sound in the start and the perfect sweet sound makes this second song from rookies Laboum one this years surprises.

2. Pungdeng-E - Cabbage Bossam. This is my kind of humor and with a really catchy melody, a sure hit in my world.

1. Vixx - Error. The second great song from VIXX this year, the name is quite the opposite of what it is - a perfectly pitched kpop drama.

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