lördag 31 maj 2014

Jpop: Inshow-ha - Beam!

While I loved this odd duo's "Swap" from their first album, the follow up wasn't as fun, but with "Beam!" I must confess that (even though I still like Swap the most) Inshow-ha have a clear and highly interesting voice and sound with a video style that fits them like a hand in glove. The story in Beam! is so colorful in all its playfulness. I feel I really would like to see a movie based on this video.

Jpop: Passepied - Tokyo City Underground

More nerdy music from Passepied. I liked Matatabistep from earlier this year more in both its sound and aesthetics, but possibly the nice anime scenes in "Tokyo City Underground" may make it more attractive for some.

torsdag 29 maj 2014

Mandopop: Wang Lin (王麟)

Wang Lin is a Chinese singer who released a duet with Chu Boren in May this year, and she has sung several songs with modern themes like "I love QQ" (QQ = Chinese Facebook), "Jerk" and (my favorite) "To delicate to bear a blow/ Shang Bu Qi".

måndag 26 maj 2014

Mandopop: Wang Rong (王蓉/Rollin Wang)

The two newest videos from now Rollin Wang is quite well done and Bad Sister is quite explicit for a chinese video. The song and visuals match well though and I think it works well (even though the style isn't quite my what I favor); its a sexy pop video with a great beat.

Kpop: VIXX - Eternity (기적)

Finally the wait is over for the fans of VIXX, and I think the video and song for "Eternity" is their best since "On and On". Drama, high-paced and no side-tracks. Great stuff.

lördag 24 maj 2014

Mandopop: JW/Joey Wong (歌手)

JW (Joey Wong) is a female singer from Hong Kong/London. She has several dance songs that are more western in their sound than many Mandopop. "I need a friend" is the new single and an obvious try to go international(?) but "Feel the bass" from last year is my number one.

fredag 23 maj 2014

Jpop: Charisma.com - Iinadzukeburū (イイナヅケブルー)

I just loved the "Hate" from Charisma.com, and the new "Iinadzukeburū" is almost as good. Same mass and coolness, not quite as spot on as Hate.