söndag 31 mars 2013

Jpop/rock: Cantoy

Japanese rock band Cantoy is four member group with singer Miri-pow's voice creating that nice contrast to the heavy metal melodies, a style found in several bands in Japan (Baby Metal, Doll$boxx, to name a few)

Kpop/Indie: Mongoose (몽구스)

Mongoose is a Korean indie band which plays electronic pop. Soft and cozy music.

Jpop: Polysics (ポリシックス)

Polysics is a Japanese New Wave punk rock band with an electronic twist who are just so fun and makes me whant to jump like crazy when I am in the mood for it. ^_^

Disturbance in the force

I just had to use this classic Star Wars scene to again express my feeling for the result of the result when the  winner was announced in Melodifestivalen, the competition when we chose our entry for the Euroivision Song Contest. In an almost Belarussian or Turkish need to optimize our chances tow in we let half of the votes be cast by juries from other European contries, which led to the popular favorite Yohio to lose to Robin Stjernberg.

lördag 30 mars 2013

Jpop: 88 Kasyo Junrei (八十八ヶ所巡礼)

Japanese band 88 Kasyo Junrei has an intense indie sound that takes you in (if you like garage rock and such). The videos are well done, and typically for the Japanese music industry, it is actually the mor wuknown bands that releases better high res versions of their songs. Ironic but nice if you like different.

Jpop: Toe

Toe plays music similar to math rock, which I as a math teacher finds interesting. It is often instrumental, and works with assymetric structures and with what I would call a technical focus on rhythm. I suppose you could say that if you took trance and artsy music and they had a child it would be this? Or not. You should probably ask a real musician about this, or read more yourself here.

fredag 29 mars 2013

Kpop: Lee Hi - Rose

With "Rose" Lee Hi follows up street-tough attitude"1,2,3,4" and cute/wacky "It's Over" with the visually impressive video of "Rose", that really combines her voice and style in the best way I have yet. Her voice deserves this kind of more serious styling and her unique looks actually comes out better this way.