torsdag 16 november 2017

Kpop: Elris (엘리스)

All images is from the Pow Pow video, with the last one above and below being from the Sailor Moon version.

The 2017 kpop rookies Elris really hasn't caught my interest with their debut, but with their latest video "Pow Pow" they have me hooked. At first, I honestly felt it to be just repetitive and plastic, but as you will find yourself, the song catches on and in the end I have gotten hooked. The song kind of never has a dead moment, in a good way. And the Sailor Moon version, is just to die for!

tisdag 7 november 2017

Kpop: Sonamoo (소나무)

The first two above and the first four below is from "Friday Night", the rest from I (knew it)

This was a long time coming, but Sonamoo has really delivered two great videos this autumn, with "Friday Night" being my favorite before this weeks "I (knew it)".

onsdag 1 november 2017

Kpop: Kim Lip (김립) of LOONA

In the schedule of things, Kim Lip of LOONA was the sixth girl to be presented in May this year, with six more left to go before the group is fully presented. The project has delivered a surprising number of well produced videos and songs, especially if you count the number of sub-units and combos so far, but Eclipse topped all of them.

Kpop: SF9 (에스에프나인)

The boys of kpop boy band SF9 debuted in 2016 but the song "O Sole Mio" from their latest album "Knights of the Sun" is the first really good video from them, it's hit material for sure. It has a kind of scifi theme going for it to, which works fine too.