måndag 12 januari 2015

Mandopop: Top 10 of the fourth quarter of 2014

Not quite so many really good songs this last quarter. Jolin Tsai almost got three songs on the list. And she kissed a girl.

10. Jay Chou - Extra Large Shoes. A fun video from Mr Famous.

9. Bonnie - Yolo. Surpsiingly enough her teen age attitude didn't irritate me as I thought they would. probably due to the humoristic edge.

8. Yise Loo - Addicted. Nice rock sound and a good voice.

7. Yang Rong - I do, my emperor. Catchy pop sounds and a nerdy video. That's enough.

6. Shiny - Da Bomb. A rather different approach for a mandopop video. I like it.

5. A-Lin - All in. A beautiful and almost grandiose melody.

4. Wang Rong - Chick Chick. Like the mega hit Little Apple earlier this year, this had the chance of becoming an internet meme, but it was just a little to much for many people I think. Instead it beame a kind of laugh-and-forget thing.

3. Jolin Tsai - Play. Most of her videos are pure eye candy and this is no exception, and the song is catchy.

2. Wang Qiao - Hello, Mulan. More of a children's song, but it is so catchy that it must be included.

1. Jolin Tsai - We're all different, yet all the same. The kiss between her and Ruby Lin while they marry is her crowning achievement so far in regards to her pro-homo support. And the song is really a touching one.

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