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Jpop: Top 20 of 2014

I usually let each song stand by itself in my top lists, but this year it would have made for a bit less interesting list as two groups would have dominated the lists with 7-8 tracks between them. I am of course talking about FEMM and Sakanaction. So instead I have let them get only one spot each, which of course those two competed for the two top positions. Look further down for the result.

The runner-up's were:

26. L-Vokal ft X-man - Alien. This rap is really worth listening to. That means much coming from as I usually don't like rap.
25. Inshow-ha - Beam! I'm just saying, don't miss the video.
24. Juice-Juice - Naked, Naked, Naked Kiss. A very solid idol performance and fan pleaser.
23. - Chururi Chururira. Nerd Bonanza.
22. Faint Star - Like spilled water.
21. Ken Hirai ft Namie Amuro - Grotesque. Two veterans in a professional looking video.

Which such fine songs outside the top, the final 20 was obviously hard to select:

20. the telephones - Hyperjump. Screamy but catchy, the telephones makes music of a kind that I would more expect to hear in England.

19. Sakai Yu - Summer Again. Sakai Yu sings about dreams and fantasies in a very charming way.

18. Urbangarde - One Piece Double Suicide. The indie band with its charismatic (in a dark way) singer does a happy piece about suicide. Go figure. ;-)

17. Oresama - Ookami Heart. The video is pure 80s animated gold, and the soundscape matches it perfectly.

16. Tokyo Girls Style - Cross-Movie. Well, I will have to confess I just love the gothic video, but the song is pretty good too.

15. Existtrace - Spiral Daisakusen. Really well done mix of rock/punk/pop and I feel somehow ...respect... for this group.

14. Tanaka Alice - Chicks and Nerdz. Cool like in cool anywhere in the world, in a teenage way.

13. Mamadrive - Onna no Ana. A combination of withheld aggression and guitars made this song memorable.

12. - Hate. Most aggressive song this year as it comes from two japanese girls. The contrast is very attractive, as their delivery is very believable.

11. One Ok Rock - Mighty Long Fall. Lot's of english lyrics and an international emo rock sound makes this (yet) another hit from the rockers of Tokyo.

10. Denki Groove - Missing Beatz. And the winner of best video concept goes to...the singing heads on the back of a car is just so impressive in its simplicity while perfect for the song.

9. Passepied - Matatabistep. The singing of Natsuki Ogoda is slightly infantile as usual, but it is done for a reason as it matches the synths very nice.

8. Berryz Kobo - Love is always inside you. Berryz Kobo may be disbanding soon, and this is the song I will remember them for, a unsually cool idol song, more of a fighting anthem.

7. C-ute - Love take it all. Yes, C-ute is probably the cutest and endearing jpop girl group that I know of, but this disco pop song is also quite well done and a very good example of the charm of C-ute.

6. Suiyoubi no Campanella - Kung Fu Lady. The odd duo with the fascinating singing style, this is their hands-down best song. Charming and nerdy, while still very harmonic.

5. Especia - No1 Sweeper. This is possible the group that I know of that best pulls of 80s retro in a way that actually, while drawing on music from old, still makes the music their own.

4. NeoBallad - Hachinoe song. This combination of electronica and traditional japanese singing is like kryptonite for me. In a good way. I'm just melting.

3. World Order - Have a nice day. This song talked to my inner otaku, seing them visit the nerd Mecca of Tokyo, Akihabara. Having made the pilgrimage there myself two times, I was reminded of how much I love nerdy things and Japan, making me even change the name of my blog.

2. Sakanaction. Its the gentle but still very empathic voice and sounds that make Sakanaction so likable. They may not be the ones you imagine for the big arenas (but they are!), but rather they are meant to be listened to in your everyday life, like a really good friend.

1. FEMM. Debuting in the beginning of 2014, this duo, this phenomena already has more high-quality videos and songs -in english- than most artists amass during their whole career. Obviously Avex is pushing them hard for an international career, but it is still impressive.

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