måndag 22 december 2014

Trip to China Winter 2014: Day 1 - Goodbye Christmas

(Which means 'Christmas'. A proper Merry Chistmas is instead '圣诞节快乐' = 'Shèngdàn (jié) kuàilè')

So, finally my (almost) three week trip to China is here! Having celebrated an early and cozy Christmas this weekend, I leave all that mostly behind me as Christmas is not such a big thing holiday-wise in China. For sure, you will see lots of western-inpired stuff but that is mainly consumerism spilling over everywhere in a culturally more and more globalized world.

Being the number one manufacturing nation in the world, it would be hard not to partake in some of this as Santa has most of his factory(ies) in China producing presents at full speed this time of year. I will try to blog as much as I can about this, and of course my instagram will be my best friend too.
I will visit Chongqing around New Years Eve and hope to be at Jiefangbei at midnight when 2015 arrives, and go to holiday island Hainan to soak up some sun at Sanya, but mostly I will be at the smaller Wansheng(万盛) south of Chongqing to enjoy the company of my girlfriends relatives.

fredag 19 december 2014

Mandopop: Yang Rong(楊蓉)

Yang Rong is a actor with quite the number of dramas under her belt, be here we see her singing a song for the TV series "Beauty Maker" (美人製造), a rather charming and funny piece about love and not so much love.

torsdag 18 december 2014

Mandopop: Jay Chou (周杰倫)

I haven't been especially interested in what Chou has done so far (however popular he may be, even starring in Hollywood films), but the new "Extra Large Shoes" video is well produced and quite fun to watch.

Mandopop: A Lin (阿玲)

A Lin is an aboriginal Taiwanese and pop singer. Her "All In" is the first single (from her new 7th album Guilt (罪惡感)) is a beautiful and almost haunting song.

onsdag 17 december 2014

Mandopop: Jolin Tsai - We're all different, Yet all the same (不一樣又怎樣)

With the 4th song and video from her latest album, Taiwanese pop star Jolin tsai yet again explores the theme of homosexuality. She has dealt with the subject funnily in Dr Jolin and like a "Fantasy", but with "We're all different, Yet all the same", she takes yet another important step by showing explicitly a female couple marrying and kissing (she and Ruby Lin), and I she is really deserves praise for this. Great videos, great songs and a great message about love - Jolin Tsai comes at the top in my book of asian artists.

måndag 15 december 2014

Kpop: Dia (디아)

First it was Bella, which disbanded and was reconstructed as Kiss&Cry, with one of the additions being Dia. Kiss & Cry was also short-lived, and now Dia releases another single as a solo singer. Hopefully this is a more fruitful way to success for the singer who has a full voice put well to use in the new thriller sounding "Paradise".

French pop: Madeon

Young French electronic pop music wizard Madeon's "Pop culture" is a great piece that noone interested in dance music probably have missed, but to be honest I think much of his songs sound somewhat alike. The new "You're on" is not such a big step either, but I love the sci-fi video. Also, the music is, while predictable, still great.

lördag 6 december 2014

Mandopop: Wang Qiao (王巧)

Wang Qiao from chengdu in China is only recently 8 years old but sings her tribute to female mystical hero Mulan with gusto. She probably has a promising future ahead of her, she do feel like a rising star. Her Chinese homepage is here.

fredag 5 december 2014

Kpop: High4 (하이포)

While many debuting boy groups go for at least a little coolness, new 2014 debuts High4 certainly hasn't done it, instead starting of with cute and bet very much likable "duets" with established female kpop singers like Lim Kim and IU, but their own "Headache" was certainly not a pain either. If you don't find pastell colors, smiling boys and sweet retro vibes from the music. Yes, the kind of almost funky sounds from Headache (in a typical kpop take) was surprisingly well done.