fredag 26 september 2014

Jpop: FEMM - Whiplash

From an international persective, of what can really work outside Japan, FEMM is the most important new pop act this year. They have released a unpreceeded string of  high-quality videos since last winter, and even though the songs themselves have gone from fantastic ("Wannabe" and "Fxxk Boyz Get Money") to average their has been an unmistaken feeling of that this is it, this is a real go at creating an internationally viable act. As they also sing in english, it seems quite possible. Therefore it is also great that the final release from the new album, "Whiplash", is one of the best so far.

Kpop: Crayon Pop - C'mon C'mon (뜬뜬뜬뜬 뜨든뜬)

Korea's possibly most cute girl band, cute as in japanese kawaii, must be Crayon Pop, who has gone for lots of odd dancing concepts and funny clothes in their videos. This is obvious a niche that has worked well for them, but I love how their new retro "C'mon C'mon" really manages to do 80s in a way that feels meaningful and genuinely charming. The song is taken from the korean drama "High school: Love on" which is quite natural as ChoA has participated in it.

torsdag 25 september 2014

Kpop: Ailee - Don't touch me (손대지마)

Ailee and her strong voice and style is returning with the new "Don't Touch Me". She deserves so much respect for what she has been thorugh, but even more for her strong voice, so even though her personal song library really isn't quite my style, I will blog about her.

Persian pop: Hamid Sefat

Even though I don't understand (or care especially much) about lyrics in pop music, I try to be careful in checking out the story behind the music I listen to (or at least the ones I blog about). I will make an exception with Hamid Sefat, as I feel his video "Che" is interesting enough to write about. It's visual language is intriguing and makes me reflect. Good enough.

  • Hamid Sefat - Che
  • Hamid Sefat feat. Mohsen Bazargan - Hiss Maloome Kojay (هیس معلومه کجای)
  • Hamid Sefat - Sookhtegan (حمید صفت سوختگان)

onsdag 24 september 2014

Mandopop: Elva Hsiao - Romance Strikes

The return of Elva Hsiao last month with "Shut up and kiss me" was a small disappointment. The video was well produced and nice to look at but somehow the jerky rhythm wasn't so comfortable to listen to in the end. The next single is "Romance Strikes" and it is maybe the one video that I have seen that best lifts Elva's special charisma best, and I actually like her being a little more soft (something I usually find Chinese female singers expressing too much, making videos boring) as it brings out her charm.

tisdag 23 september 2014

Cantopop: Alex To (杜德偉)

When Alex To from Hong Kong does rockabilly, and in this charming way, I cannot avoid writing about the 52-year old actor/singer. So, "1, 2, 3, I will be shaking all the way!".

Kpop/Indie: Thornapple

Wonderful "Strange Weather" is a perfect indie rock song from Thornapple, a korean band that I really have high expectations from after the latest song. Hopefully they have the military service done now and can continue with their music.