torsdag 27 februari 2014

Kpop: TVXQ! - Spellbound(수리수리)

The (nowadays) duo of TVXQ latest video is better than the last ones, in my mind. It is better simply put. The theme is poker and ofc, with TVXQ, flashy dancing.

onsdag 26 februari 2014

Movie: One Night Surprise (一夜惊喜)

There is nothing unique about the story or cinematics in One Night Surprise, the production values is like any high-end Hollywood production, and the story is a well told but familiar one about a girl who wakes up pregnant and she has to figure out which of three candidates it is. But. The movie is Chinese, with super star Fan Bingbing in the lead role (and Asian-American Daniel Henney as one of the male leads) and the polished surroundings is not from the usual New York, but city-hubs like Shanghai and Beijing. This is part of a rising prescence of asian movies on the world scene, which is now beginning to affect even Hollywood. With 1,3 billion Chinese just in China, and a growing economy, the potential for movie productions is of course big and the number of high-cost movies per year is increasing quickly.
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tisdag 25 februari 2014

Japanese indie: Wagakki band (和楽器バンド)

7-member band Wagakki band from Japan does their special niché of music - they take Vocaloid songs and fit them into a suit of traditional instruments, played with lots of energy and showmanship. "One Thosuand Cherry" is their third video.

Mandopop: Tanya Chua (蔡健雅)

Born in Singapore to two Chinese parents, Tanya Chua is accomplished singer-songwriter with a voice that has a tone I usually associate with native english speakers, but then then she has sung in english on four of her twelve albums.

måndag 24 februari 2014

Mandopop: Cheer Chen (陳綺貞)

Taiwanese Cheer Chen is a rather unusual Mandopop artist as she, while being well regarded, still shuns media, writes most of her music herself, and in general follows her own path and with her latest album completes her eight year, three album project. Her "Peace & Revolution" from last year is also one of the best Mandopop videos of 2013. That perfect.