tisdag 13 januari 2015

Jpop: Top ten of the 4th quarter of 2014

A little more rock and indie music than usual these last three months of 2014, and maybe because of that, all the more interesting.

10. Who the bitch - Tokio. I liked the sound of this rock/pop track.

9. Crossfaith - Madness. The popular heavy metal band didn't create a new hit with Madness, but is still interesting.

8. Czecho No Republic - Oh Yeah!!!!!!!. Somehow a very likable trio that makes me happy.

7. Oresama - Ookami Heart. Very pleasing video and a retro sound to match.

6. Sakanaction - Lotus flower. The weaker of the two new releases (due to a getting a bit repetitive) from Sakanaction is still a great song.

5. World Order - Information Empire. Love their dance performance antics as usual.

4. Sakay Yu - Headphone Girl. A refrain that sticks, and Sakai really managed to follow up on his Summer Again.

3. D-Lite - Naruba Gwisun. Daesun from kpop stars Big Bang makes a really, really remake of one of his catchy trot songs for the japanese market.

2. One Ok Rock - Mighty Long Fall. This is one of those few japanese songs that actually could be played outside Japan without it being extraordinary, as the song is in english and the sound is international rock.

1. Sakanaction - Sayonara wa Emotion. Sober and still gentle, melancolic and yet hopeful, this song is the epitome and essence of what Sakanaction is.

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