fredag 25 november 2016

Kpop: Loona (LOOΠΔ)

The last above and last below is from "ViViD", the rest from "I'll be there"

There is a concept of introducing a new group by presenting the members one by one, but korean Loona is trying a new twist by letting the future 12 members not only getting introduced one per month, but also getting their own singles. And now it seems they will also be doing sub-unit releases, possibly in growing constallations. I liked Heejin, who was first out with the quite OK "ViViD", but the latest Loona song "I'll be there", where also Hyunjin has joined in, is even better. Interesting.

Kpop: We are the night (위아더나잇)

The first image is from "You Are In", the rest from "BRother"
We are the night is the project band of punk/rock/pop band Rocket Diary, and here they have a more electronic sound with the voice of singer Ham Byung Sun being so central to the sound as to almost becoming to dominant, but if one goes back beyond this years releases, there is a more synth focused sound that makes a one-group-playlist all more viable.

måndag 21 november 2016

Jpop: Metafive - Musical Chairs

I really liked the debut of Metafive, "Luv U Tokio", being such a cool and laid back masterpiece of electronica set just perfectly in its mood. The new "Musical Chairs" repeats this achievement in much the same way, using what looks like hot versions of GoogleMaps to create an experience that fits very well in with the ambience of the music.

Kpop: Hyolyn ft Jay Park - One Step

All the images is from One Step
Hyolyn has released two videos for songs from her new "It's me" EP. I like One Step more, as it has got a better sound and hook in my opinion.

tisdag 15 november 2016

Mandopop: Beauty Lo - What's Wrong!(你幹嘛!)

This was a hard one to track down properly, but as far as I can understand, mega star Show Lou crossdressed in a challenge in the show Go Fighting! under the alias Beaty Lo (looking like the thai weight lifter winning the 48kg class in Rio). This became so popular that he then had to do a music video about it, this being it. :-D
The name of the song in chinese, actually means "What are you doing?" but depending on tone it can also mean as translated, "What's Wrong!".

Kpop: Yoon Jong Shin (윤종신)

Both images is from the video Empty City
It's hard to miss the longboarder theme in singer/songwriter Yoon Jong Shin's video "Empty City", the girl being Juae Lee. The song is part of a series of songs made in 2016, one for each month, this being my absolute favorite (so far).
  • Yoon Jong Shin ft Gaeko - Empty City (Monthly project 2016, July)
  • Yoon Jong Shin ft Tablo - The First (Monthly project 2016, January)

måndag 14 november 2016

Kpop: CSP

CSP of funny duo Crispi Crunch has a gem of a song in "Busan Girls", which is a rap/EDM song that has this kind of nostalgic feel to it that I love. I believe it is this Kayla that is featured and as a bonus it has Jina from disbanded Bob Girls dancing in it.

lördag 5 november 2016

Jpop: Suiyoubi no Campanella - Aladdin (アラジン)

As happens when a cool, quality underground indie act goes mainstream (because it is just that, cool and quality), the die hard fans that was with the group from the beginning starts feeling frustrated, abandoned and like as if the artist has "gone commercial" or not "staying true". This is true for Japanese group Suiyoubi no Campanella, which since "Ra" has had bigger budgets and now with the latest "Aladdin" also has even become slightly sexualized (it is just one single video, but, hey, the world is going under...). I actually get the feeling but I don't sympathize with it. I think that some bands loose their way, but that is not true always, and that you as a fan has to deal with your possesiveness and be happy more people is liking what you like. To make a point, the new "Aladdin" is one of their best videos the last year.

  • Suiyoubi no Campanella - Aladdin (アラジン)

Kpop: VIXX - The Closer

VIXX has always had dramatic and choreographed videos, but I felt their "Fantasy" from earlier this fall went to far and made them become to unmelodic. With the newer "The Closer" they have found the right balance again. The special effects are rather advanced in it, with time being frozen for half of the scenes.