onsdag 25 februari 2015

Mandopop: Zhang Zhiyong (張智勇)

This song by Zhang Zhiyong (Here's an interview with him showing of his saxophone skills) is a spin-off from the animated TV-series Baby Panda (巴布熊貓) from 2006. With the re-start of a new version of the TV-series, he has done a fun song that's catchy and easy to follow for everyone. For us with limited Mandarin skills it's an excellent chance to try some singing along. ;-)

Kpop: Skrillex ft Diplo, G-Dragon and CL - Bad Vibes

Released just before Christmas, this intensive track by American DJ's Skrillex and Diplo is very much of interest for kpop fans as the singers are non the less than kpop stars G-Dragon from Big Bang and CL (from 2NE1). The music may not be that enjoyable in the long run to listen to, but the video is an explosion of color and cool poses, as expected from this kind of cooperation. Read in Rolling Stone how it all happened.

Uzbek pop: Shahzoda - Hands are up (Qo'llar tepaga)

Shazoda is an Uzbek singer who used to be part of a duo (Jonim) but now is more recognized as a solo singer. I have liked Uzbek rhythms and "Hands are up" from 2013 is a good example of this with a humorous video too, which is about the stress of getting married.

Mandopop: Mao Ze Shao(毛澤少)

Mao Ze Shao may be 31 years old, but by participating in Voice of China she got her chance for a break-through. The song "Do it, Lady (奔跑吧,Lady)" is a energetic and charming dance piece where her raspy voice really hits it right, and as a contrast, in "Dream" she really does a classical Chinese ballad very nicely.

måndag 23 februari 2015

Kpop: Rainbow - Black Swan (블랙스완)

It *is* a bit strange, this new video from korean Rainbow. New and dark, their return single "Black Swan" seems to be about them losing their mind and the music somehow manages to mix polished kpop and at the same time conveying a slightly uneasy feeling. Or, maybe the composition simply isn't good enough(a bit flat and static), I'm not sure. But it is fascinating to watch.