torsdag 15 januari 2015

Kpop: Top 35 of 2014

I usually do top 20 lists, but this year I really had to mention at least 35 videos that you shouldn't miss out on.

35. Stay Foolish - Kiss Kiss.
34. Orange caramel - Abing Abing.
33. Fiestar - One More.
32. AoA - Short Hair.
31. Nasty Nasty - Knock.
30. Ladies Code - Kiss Kiss. The car crash accident with the deaths of two members of Ladies Code was on of the big tradgedies of kpop in 2014.
29. Park Ji Yoon - Beep Beep.
28. AoA - Miniskirt.
27. Crayon Pop - C'mon C'mon
26. Rumble Fish - The Virulent Song.
25. Pungdeng-E - Cabbage Bossam.
24. John Park - U.
23. Stellar - Marionette. Their trashy sexy look's really was the talk-of-the-month when their video was released. That the song actually was a really good one often was forgotten.
22. Brown Eyed Soul - Pass Me By.
21. Sunmi - Full Moon. Vampire theme and great dance choreography, what could go wrong?

And the final 20 are:

20. Orange Caramel - Catanella. The sushi theme was great fun, as was the samples in the refrain.

19. Lip Service - Yum Yum Yum. The two rookies did a really great rap song piece here.

18. Scarlet - Do Better. There was something really fascinating with the rhythm in this song, even though some argue it is a bad one but I loved it.

17. Laboum - What about you? A surprisingly addictive debut since it a first may sound quite ordinary, but then somehow grown in the long run.

16. Mamamoo - Peppermint Chocolate. Great and credible R&B.

15. NS Yoon G - Yasisi. Sexy and uptempo, this was a song really suited for her.

14. Bob Girls - No Way. Clear and distinct pop song from the debutantes.

13. Two Song Place - Age Height. Humoristic and still a good song.

12. Son Heun Su - Go and come back. Another fun piece that is actually quite catchy.

11. History - Psycho. The boys manages to make something basically creepy seem almost romantic.

10. Jay Park - Metronome. This sounds like a classy American R&B hit.

9. Henry - Fantastic. He's really working that instrument, and it works well.

8. VIXX - Error. The video is a small story in itself and the song perfect kpop melodrama.

7. Girl's Generation - Mr Mr. The super stars goes back to their kpop roots and delivers a solid song of the sort that never goes out of time.

6. VIXX - Eternity. Triumphs over Error by being slightly more accessible without becoming to simple.

5. Dalshabet - Big Baby Baby. That refrain and phrase is actually the only detractor of this song as it is a little too "visible" in the sound, but the video is otherwise a celebration of 80s estetics and sounds, it has an almost addictive effect on me.

4. Kara - Mamma Mia. The girls proved descisively that they wasn't giving up yet after their member loss.

3. Ha:tfelt - Ain't nobody. This is the future of kpop after the mostly unoriginal aspects of the "sexy" meme in kpop nears its end in this kpop cycle. Modern dance and edgy song.

2. Girl's Day - Something. Yep, it really was something, this song, and the delivery perfect.

1. F(x) - Red Light. Coolest kpop song. Ever. I actually was quite disappointed with their last few songs, but this was a crowning achievement for the tough girls of f(x).

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