onsdag 14 oktober 2015

Kpop: Top 10 of the 3rd quarter of 2015

First I must mention the two songs with Anda (previously Andamiro) that I missed out on earlier this year, Mastering and Touch. Out of competition for this quarter but don't miss them.

10. Kim So Jung - Dance music. The solo singer jumps on the retro train with this colorful video.

9. Purfles - A Bad Thing. Not bad at all actually from this still relatively fresh trio.

8. JJCC - Where you at. Jackie Chan's boys does it well with the video that features the usual kpop boy band conflict over a common love interest.

7. Primary ft Lena Park - Hello. Primary has delivered another of his signature tracks where his guest star gets to shine without taking away his own contribution. Nice video too.

6. Stephanie - Black Out. The fascinating 90s sound that is both cool but also slightly stuffy together with a video that is so fixated on her "flexibility" that it becomes funny rather than sexy.

5. Red Velvet - Dumb Dumb. A veeery fascinating a well executed video where one feels the song and the visuals really was created organically for each other. But would I listen to this. No, probably not. And that's why it is only number 5.

4. Got7 - If You Do. With this they finally did a song worth my interest. Applause.

3. Girl's Day - Ring My Bell. This video is really something, ugly kitsch but also again proves the extreme charm of the four girls who, together with a seriously addictive refrain, to shine through the odd styling.

2. Stellar - Vibrato. Again they managed to produce a video that is both (slightly) provocative but at the same time carries with it a effective pop song.

1. Aoa - Heart Attack. I was actually rather sceptical at first when seeing the drama video, probably from having too high expectations, but then after seeing their Eye-contact video, my whole perspective changed and this became my favorite kpop song for this period.

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