torsdag 8 oktober 2015

Kpop: AoA and an Eye contact videos

This summer korean group AoA released their new song Heart Attack and I was initially slightly disappointed as I felt it didn't live up to my (admittedly very) high expectations. Then they released the eye contact version of their dance practice video for this song - and everything changed. Eye contact videos has been there as long as fans have had video editing software, with crude versions of the original versions focusing on a certain bias (favourite). The music companies has caught on with this, and with AoA we have seen them produce these versions basically since the start. The point with  "Heart Attack" is that I feel the eye contact version actually even surpasses the original drama version in its appeal to us fans. Watch and judge for yourself.

  • AoA - Heart attack (dance practice, eye contact version)
  • AoA - Heart attack (normal video)
  • AoA - Heart attack (choreography version - somewhere in between...)
  • AoA - Like a Cat (dance practice, eye contact version)
  • AoA - Short Hair (dance practice, eye contact version)
  • AoA - Miniskirt (dance practice, eye contact version)
  • AoA - Confused (dance practice, eye contact version)

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