lördag 10 oktober 2015

Jpop: 5572320 (五五七ニ三ニ〇)

When a new mysterious japanese all-female rock band was revealed with a new single called "Half century honor student (半世紀優等生)", it created some stir as it consisted of five guitarists and thre drummers (yes...) but even more so as the girls all had hairstyles hiding their faces. Later on it was revelead they really were the girls of idol group Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku as part of a celebration of the 50 year anniversary of Coconut Sabre cookies. That was all and well, but the song and the video still really wan't much to celebrate, so that would normally have been that.
So when they now decided to up the ante and add lots of competent musicians and a slightly surrealistic video, I couldn't have been more surprised. The video "Ponpara Pekoruna Papiyotta" has something slightly Queen-ish over itself with its mixture of bombastic and slightly crazy interludes. And it is great!

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