onsdag 14 oktober 2015

Jpop: Top 10 of the 3rd quarter of 2015

Not so many songs this quarter that I wrote about, but those that there were is very much worth the time.

10. Ladybaby - Nippon Manju. This was bound to happen sooner or later, a cross-dressing western man with ambitions to do growl jpop. Absolutely tasteful and low key. ;-)

9. Dempagumi.inc - various songs. So much to choose from, so much to enjoy of this colorful, nerdy over-energetic but warm jpop.

8. Dotama - Music Valkyrie 2. The rapper that makes me feel he really loves his language, every word of it.

7. Especia - Aviator. More tasteful 80s retro (yes you can use those words in the same sentence).

6. Towa Tei - Luv Pandemic. The rhythms, the sounds. Towa Tei in his element.

5. Meiri Alaha - Crave. A new star that seems very promising.

4. Ringo Shiina - God, nor Buddha. Hans down the most beautiful Japanese video this year with a track that is slightly to avantgarde for me.

3. Gesu no Kiwami Otome - Romance is too much for me. The song text is just perfectly matched to the melody, laid back bittersweet.

2. Sakanaction - Slow Motion. From their re-release album comes a lot of nice videos, this being my favorite,

1. Sakanaction - New Treasure Island. But it was this new song that actually ranks the highest this autumn. The clearity of sound, the rhythms. the song.

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