söndag 18 oktober 2015

Jpop: Suiyoubi no Campanella - Medusa (メデューサ)

I like the quirky but melodic Suiyoubi no Campanella. They have released several videos since I wrote last time, finishing up the Triathlon EP with "Utah", and then, in preparation for the upcoming album Zipang, releasing the Sapporo-inspired "Shakushain" (a track counting up foods but with a name after a Ainu revolt leader...), but I like the most the latest "Medusa" for its' musical qualities - not just being odd but instead also having a accessability beyond the others.

  • Suiyoubi no Campanella - Medusa (メデューサ)
  • Suiyoubi no Campanella - Shakushain (シャクシャイン)
  • Suiyoubi no Campanella - Utah (ユタ)
  • Suiyoubi no Campanella - Nishi Tamao (西玉夫)

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