måndag 26 oktober 2015

Kpop: Top 10 of the 2nd quarter of 2015

Yes, I'm late here, but due to my four week holiday to China in June/July I never really got around to doing this list and I feel it really needs to be done as it irks my inner sense of order immensely otherwise.

10. Tiger JK ft Yoon Mi Rae - Forever. Loved the melancholy theme in this song with arapper I really respect.

9. Big Bang - Bang Bang Bang / Bae Bae. The return with great videos. And some songs were pretty OK. But it was still somehow *the same* Big Bang and the world has moved on. Sad but true.

8. Exid - Ah Yeah. At first I was irritated at the cowardly ending where they tried to cover their bases by showing of  a "We are still very cute and innocent" message after the rather Rated implicit video. Then I forgave them and just stopped watching that part.

7. So Yumi - Shake Me Up. I'll be honest. I think So Yumi is on the wrong label and she won't get much further than this. A modern trot piece, I still hope she can find her niche there.

6. Jimin & J.Don - God. I just looove Jimin's perky attitude. This isn't fair at all, but it's like one of those tiny dogs showing of an attitude 10 times their size. Her voice is just like a raspy sweet razor to my ears.

5. Girl's Generation - Catch Me If You Can. The choregraphy of this video really blew me off, the camera work and dancing really makes the best out of this EDM track.

4. EXO - Call Me Baby. Such a popular group but this was honestly the first song I really felt for.

3. Kara - Cupid. The girls with the sweet sound returned and were lovely as always. But...I wanted and remembered even better. It was just a little less good than what I expect from Kara, and even though unfair it made me a little disappointed.

2. Jun Hyo Seong - Into you. Going solo really seems to work for this Secret member, and this song is my favorite. It's swingy, focused and it really keeps you in its grasp from start to end.

1. Miss A - Only You. The catchy horns, the refrain that really works well, and four ladies in charismatic top form, this really was the high point of this spring. And then there are the mysterious screams hidden in the background of the sound track...

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