torsdag 3 november 2016

Kpop: Jay Park - Aquaman

All the images are from Aquaman

Every Jay Park new song, I'm so unfair because, well, I don't know. Maybe because he sounds so well produced and kind of American main stream R&B (in a good way, mind you), making me not feel he is part of this blog. But when looking back this year, I have at least three songs I must push, and they are "All I Wanna Do", "Drive" and "Aquaman". First out, All I Wanna Do, is a great choregraphy video made together with the fantastic 1 Million Dance Studio. Then we have Drive, were he, Gray and stylish Bora from Sistar sing in a laid back video just oozing summer. But the main number of this all, which surely will go down as one of Jay Park's musical mile stones, is Aquaman. Already the title implies what it is all about, but let me quote some lyrics just to give you the picture:
and before I go put it in 
I’ll go underwater girl just like a fish 
and the way I stay down there 
you gon’ think I’m Aquaman 
baby oh when I’m all up in it 
I’m gonna get lost up in yo sea
Ah, yes, Jay Park goes "all in" showing he is all about pleasing his woman, without explicitly stating that this song is indeed a song about cunnilingus. Read the comments to see how it is received... ;-) And I think he rocks to, he's a master of doing korean R&B.

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