lördag 5 november 2016

Jpop: Suiyoubi no Campanella - Aladdin (アラジン)

As happens when a cool, quality underground indie act goes mainstream (because it is just that, cool and quality), the die hard fans that was with the group from the beginning starts feeling frustrated, abandoned and like as if the artist has "gone commercial" or not "staying true". This is true for Japanese group Suiyoubi no Campanella, which since "Ra" has had bigger budgets and now with the latest "Aladdin" also has even become slightly sexualized (it is just one single video, but, hey, the world is going under...). I actually get the feeling but I don't sympathize with it. I think that some bands loose their way, but that is not true always, and that you as a fan has to deal with your possesiveness and be happy more people is liking what you like. To make a point, the new "Aladdin" is one of their best videos the last year.

  • Suiyoubi no Campanella - Aladdin (アラジン)

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