torsdag 31 mars 2016

Jpop: SKE48

If you have already written about the Japanese mega-group AKB48, and then continue to touch upon jpop idol groups, soner or later you will run out of excuses for not writing about their sister group SKE48. They are *another* girl group consisting of 48 girls, but with the simple difference that they are based in Nagoya. Being created after AKB48, they of course will have their fans and opponents, but they basically do the same kind of music. You like AKB48, you should like SKE48 and vice versa.
Their new single is the ending theme for a super-(too)-cute anime but the video instead takes place in a futuristic setting that obviously takes some inspiration from movies like Blade Runner. But why did they have to match a video like this with the song name "Chicken LINE"?!... :-P

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