fredag 25 mars 2016

Jpop: Perfume - Flash

On the 6th of April, jpop synthpop stars Perfume will release their new album "Cosmic Explorer", and as a first single we have already got to hear "Flash" one month ago as part of a trailer for the movie "Chihayafuru" which premiered last week in Japan. That was a movie about a Japanese card game based on first guessing the end of poems being read up, think of it like a version of Jeopardy without the money part.
The new short video released this week instead lets us finally see the three girls themselves with anew martial art styled choregraphy. The music is slightly above average, the hallmark electronic sound well in place.

  •  Perfume - Flash (Short)
  •  Perfume - Flash (Full audio, Chihayafuru trailer)

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