torsdag 24 december 2015

Mandopop: Top 10 of the fourth quarter of 2015

My selection of Chinese language songs may still be smaller than the corresponding korean or japanese ones, but what there is, is still very interesting and it is obvious that the Chinese market is still very much evolving and trying to find its own general style. Being bigger as a country than  its neighbors, it will probably not become as uniform as kpop as an example, but it also still obviously is examining influences from America and other countries for inspiration. This reminds me of Sweden's process in many ways.

10. Wang Rong - Shark Shark. I should have chosen a better song for number 10, but this is just so crazy-fun so it had to be this in the end. Wang Rong does it again.

9. K Na - Sensitive Principle. For the chemistry between the dancers.

8. Han Geng - Heart Shot. Dramatic video with a sound track to match this.

7. Celeste Syn - Control Freak. She matches her song theme and video very well, and shows of a quirky (european? french) style that's not to usual in mandopop, but still feels very natural for her.

6. Xiao Ai & The Flowers band - Return of the King. A mixture of goth and cosplay, this video has its place just for lifting up the growing gamer/fantasy sub-culture in China.

5. Tianyo - Three Second Countdown. Very stylish dancing and production from a man that himself is the owner of a HK branding company.

4. Popu Lady - Gossip Girls. This video would feel at home as a music video for a Hollywood drama production. Soo stylish.

3. Jike Junyi - Lotion Song. Her best song so far takes a step off the/her beaten path and enter a dreamy universe beyond the usual R&B.

2. Li Yuchun - Only You. Is she the synth queen of mandopop now? These two songs does well to place her firmly as a eastern pop/electronica icon in my eyes anyways.

1. Momo Wu - I wanna be your lover. I have always felt that she has brought a bit too much of her theatrical diva into the singing, but here it finally is turned down to just the right level, instead changing it into a great asset as an emotional bottom for a great pop song.

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