torsdag 24 december 2015

Kpop: Top 20 of the last quarter of 2015

Lots of nice songs and videos this autumn/early winter, with a nice mixture of debutantes and celebrities.

20. Click-B - Reborn. This they earned for their posing. Seriously.

19. LPG - Slow. This may not be the best song they've made, but I have a weak spot for trot music (old fashioned korean pop) so this wa snot to be missed.

18. Exid - Hot Pink. Basically a high quality production in a song that is in its roots average, resulting in an enjoyable video that may or may not last much beyond when you play it.

17. Oh My Girl - Closer.  The video may be etheric bordering on bland in trying to be otherwordly, but it is still a very nicely creation from the new girls in their second single.

16. Teen top - Ah-Ah. This is honestly a summer track, but I added later so no matter. A very positive and life-affirming video.

15. Hotties - Bambambam. A catchy refrain for this new rookie group.

14. ATT - Temptation. As I wrote, it is interesting for being slightly 'off' somehow in its singing/sound. A bit of assymetry can do all the difference.

13. Ailee - Mind Your Own Business. The first single from her first album, her strong voice and presense is familiar by now.

12. Laboum - Aalow Aalow. I agree with the fans - why doesn't this have more plays?! Even though not everyone likes 80s retro, this is so sharply implemented that I'm still perplexed over why not more enjoy it.

11. DinDin - Pour. I like this for the unabashed drinking and partying. ;-)

10. f(x) - 4 Walls. Like, don't like, like, don't like. Sometimes I feel the mood of this video is one of the best this year, other times it feels like that song you just skip over in your play list because you just don't have the patience for it.

9. Jay Park ft Okasian - You Know. Jay Park is The Man of kpop this year, all hands down (and with just a little irony). With Okasian doing his slow stupid rap, this song is like rap syrup down my ears.

8. Brown Eyed Girls - Brave New World. While 'Hole' was just too much idea and to little real musical quality, this song and video had that edge that suits BEG just where they are now, with soundbites from classical disco and some odd space vibes in the video.

7. Stephanie ft. Eljo - Higher. Another one of her italo pop - inspired songs that feels just so fun as usual.

6. Jay Park ft Genius Nochang & B-Free - Want It. Jay goes to Shanghai and delivers another impressive performance with his guys.

5. Tahiti - Skip. This is the song this year with the most singular sound, the most well defined song structure. You just get it all from the start. SOmetimes it is too repetitive, but mostly it is dance, dance, dance.

4. Melody Day - Speed Up. It is hard to define why I like this song so much, it is just so likeable and very much what one want from kpop.

3. PSY - Daddy & Napal Baji. These two powerful releases, had they preceded Gangham Style, would for sure been among the absolute top 5 songs of 2015. Now the fact is that he still has to be compared with his historical hit and this of course makes it hard to top that kpop landmark. Unfair? Yes, maybe, but it is still the way it is. As a side notice, I like Napal Baji more but I accept the fact that Daddy has a greater hit potential.

2. Twice - Like Ooh - Aah. I actually tried to be a bit sceptic as this felt like the new kpop group that everyone should like, but then the song just grows on you and it is soo effective. A very promising debut.

1. IU - Twenty three. Everyone's sweetheart but for me she has been doing mostly borderline pretentious music the last year(s). SO imagine my happiness when '23' shows up, with a more mature IU singing with lyrics that is to die for, and a video that is picture perfect. Every line and facial expression perfectely timed.

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