tisdag 1 december 2015

Kpop: PSY - Daddy & Napal Baji (나팔바지)

Wow!! After the world hit "Gangnam style" the quality of PSY's releases went quickly downward and you would think that was that, but now he is back in great form, with a double release. And incredibly, both videos are great,  and they are great in two different complementing ways.
First out is Daddy that for sure will be his biggest hit of them two because here he brings out the big guns in regards to comedy and general vulgarity, combined with a beat that's hard to say no to, and up and rising rap star CL joining the fray. He actually did a low key korean song called Father this spring but that is really a different song.
To complemnt this, we have a video "Napal Baji" with more (relatively mind you) subdued but intelligent humour and sound track. The name means 'flare pants' but can also imply you got some 'fire in your pants' *cough*, *cough*.
Looking at the general level of featured artist on his 7th album (will.i.am is even there!!), this may actually really sell well.

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