onsdag 11 november 2015

Kpop: Jay Park ft Okasian - You Know (뻔하잖아)

Jay Park has really gone for that international career with his songs from the album, yes, "₩orld₩ide". I like his style (his Saturday Night Live Korea videos are gold), but I didn't quite fall for his expensive rap videos as they fell mostly like a big ego trip (no offense meant actually). The newest "BO$$" is an excellent example of this. Great show but just a bit to high a testosterone vs substance rate. The recent "You Know" is an exception though. It is very laid back, and as a bonus almost (inadvertedly?) funny. I mean, the butcher? But that means a feeling of self distance, I hope. And the slooow rap of Okasian actually is just right here. And yes, it is Hyuna in the video too.
  • Jay Park ft Okasian - You Know (뻔하잖아)
  • Jay Park ft Yultron, Loco & Ugly Duck - BO$$ 
  • Jay Park ft Hoody - Solo
  • Jay Park - Sex Trip
  • Jay Park ft Ugly Duck - Mommae (몸매)
  • Jay Park - Welcome
  • Jay Park ft Loco & Gray - My Last

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