onsdag 4 november 2015

Jpop: Top 10 of the 2nd quarter of 2015

This post is also well overdue, as I was gone for four weeks in China in June-July, but here it is. As usual a top list from Japan has its share of odd and stylish music videos.

10. Urbangarde - Coin Locker Babies. The stylish people of Urbangarde delivers not another masterpiece, but still a very enjoyable music video.

9. Polysics - Dr Pepper!!!!! ANother odd number and slightly crazy song from Polysics.

8. Suiyoubi no Campanella - Diablo. To be honest, the song belongs to the rather common "fascinating but slightly irritating" type in SnC's production, but the video is just so full of japanese culture references that one has to see this.

7. Momoiro Clover Z - Z no Chikai. Another super fun fantasy video from the girls of MCZ.

6. Charisma.com - Otsubone Rock. This is very typical Charisma.com even though one may detect a certain feeling of them becoming more "established" somehow.

5. Charisma.com - Kongara Girl. This was actually a song made for a commercial, which may feel odd for a group like Charsima.com, but it is just the way jpop works.

4. Suiyoubi no Campanella - Napoleon. I liked the rhythm of this video combining with the night life scenery from Tokyo.

3. Saku - Fight Like A Girl. This felt very much like grunge meets jpop - in a good way.

2. Perfume - Pick Me Up. The trio always has a soft spot in my mind after seeing them live last year, but Pick Me Up is also a good permutation on the familiar Perfume sound.

1. BoA - Kiss My Lips. The reigning champion of mature female asian pop returned with style! A pitch perfect song that is just so very BoA.

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