torsdag 23 april 2015

Ukrainian pop: Vitaly Kozlovsky (Виталий Козловский)

Vitaly is actually a journalist, but it is as a singer he has been known. From the videos it is obvious he has a nice body and is more than willing to show it off, thereby nicely continuing a tradition often and mostly upheld by women in music videos from the russian language cultural sphere. What makes him worth noticing a little extra is the twisted irony of the new "Spending", which makes fun of the effects of spending money without caution.

  • Vitaly Kozlovsky - Spending (Трачу)
  • Vitaly Kozlovsky - Be Strong (Будь сильнее)
  • Vitaly Kozlovsky and Julia Dumanskaya - Mystery (Тайна)
  • Vitaly Kozlovsky & Varda - Do not leave me (Не оставляй меня)
  • Vitaly Kozlovsky and Varda - Dance (Потанцуй)

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