tisdag 14 april 2015

Kpop: Top 10 of the first quarter of 2015

The first quarter of 2015 has passed and again I find myself with many good songs. I may become more demanding as my relationship to kpop matures, but there are obviously still quite a number of good videos to be had.

Honorable mention goes to Yoonmirae, Tiger JK & Bizzy in MFBTY for their colorful "Bang Diggy Bang Bang".

10. Infinite H - Pretty. An easy and charming video that mostly fascinates by the (un?)intentional homo-eroticism.

9. Skrillex ft Diplo, G Dragon & CL - Dirty Vibe. If this is what we will be getting, I'd love to see more of these kind of east-west crossovers in the future.

8. 9Muses - Drama. New member constellation but keeping with the successful concept, this time 9Muses used a cafe meets theater set as a background for their usual beauty contest.

7. Lizzy - Good Bye PMS. The video is really just super fun with mixing Godzilla like fights with a PMS medicine commercial (sic!), and the song isn't bad either.

6. Crayon Pop - FM. I love what Crayon Pop stands for. More nerds in kpop! The video is pure anime/super hero nerdiness, and the song is better then most they have released the last year.

5. Fiestar - You're pitiful. This is basically a well crafted and very traditional girl group kpop song, and it works well for giving their fans a great time. But, and yes there is a but, it should have hade a bit more variation to make it really take off.

4. Rainbow - Black Swan. A dark return for the girls of Rainbow, the song has all the right drama and with just a little more variation it would have been top 3 this quarter.

3. Jonghyun ft Zion T - Deja Boo. Charming and smooth singing in this video from Shinee member Jonghyun.

2. Tey - Dangerous. A cool and sexy debut from Mr Mr's Tey, with a song that is precisely the right level of dramatic while keeping up the tempo.

1. Hong Jin Young - Love Wifi. This isn't cool. This isn't updated. This is old school, before there even was kpop. And it is super charming. I love trot when it is done with this much fun.

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