lördag 11 april 2015

Kpop: Mamamoo and eSNa - Aah Oop & Piano Man

Mamamoo has found a kind of sweet spot in kpop where pop meets jazz/retro looks. I'm actually a bit sad sometimes when I see them as they somehow has taken the place of Ladies Code (not meant in a bad way in regards to anyone) in my mind. No shadow should fall on Mamamoo who just continues their very good taste in collaborations in the new "Aah Oop!". Or rather, eSNa has invited them to sing the song she composed herself, but it still fits very well the niche Mamamoo has created for themselves. That tends to attract other talents and create dynamics for even better music. The song Piano Man is a great piece also that I didn't have time to review back in November. Damn, they are good.

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