onsdag 6 mars 2013

Anime: A Letter to Momo (ももへの手紙)

Starting off as 11 year old Momo and her mother Ikuko arrives at the island where Ikuko grew up, the movie follows Momo as she tries to adapt to her fathers recent death, moving from big city Tokyo to a rural and isolated village, and to having goblins in her home. Yes, last "obstacle" is of course at the core of the story and I wont say more than that this a very sweet story not far from the theme of Miyazakis famous childrens movie My friend Totoro. Even if it has a somewhat more grown-up feeling, A letter to Momo still celebrates childhood, nature, fantasy while remaining in the present and here. Something to watch with your children, even though the youngest may possibly want someone to hold their hands at moments. The problem  is rather that at least here in Sweden, we still have to wait for a swedish translation. Trailer here.

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