måndag 3 september 2012

Trip to South Africa, Day 4: Rainy weather and Fat Bastard

Day 4, 3rd of September
Today I actually woke without needing to take a hot shower, thanks to the radiator close to my bed. As a kind of compensation, the weather served me (personally) with clouds and later on rains. Beyond taking a few shots of the church in the non-sunny weather (which of course didn’t give much since without direct sunlight the signatures just becomes a general blur), we used the day to catch up on stuff. Jan went to the university and I worked on the presentation. I did some exploring by visiting the local supermarket (Checkers) which is always fun in a foreign country. 
There were these funny pastries shaped like hot dogs:
I found Samp, which is a kind of large maise:
Also lots of interesting spreads:
This sounds interesting, syrup and peanut.
 So, a Annchovette spread is OK, I suppose...
But, wait, *yeast* on my sandwhich?!
And of course, roast beef spread is what I have been dreaming of...

If I buy any wine, it will be this:
I imagine some children (and grownups) agree we should have these in Sweden:
Afterwards I ate a really nice bread with peppery meat fillings for only 15 rand (15 SEK roughly).
In the afternoon Jan and I convened again and sat in the hotel at the fire and talked presentation for maybe five hours and ate dinner (chicken soup). Quite cozy actually, if one needs to work anyway.

Tomorrow the “real” stuff awaits: rock paintings!

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