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Trip to South Africa, Day 2: Church walls and dinner at Ian's

Day 2, Saturday 1st September 2012
Jan warned me ahead to bring warm clothes and I did. Also, in SA hotels in general desnt heat the rooms even if there can be elements to be used if needed, so when its 10 degres outside (like this night) you use en extra blanket. Beyond dreaming a little extra, I was quite OK.
The breakfast had several menus to choose from, so I of course chose an English breakfast with eggs,bacon, sausages and so on.
The first real day in Grahamstown and SA consisted of me an Jan measuring temperatures of walls of the Cathedral of ST. Michael and St. George. Sounds exciting, eh? ;-)

We claimed one of the spots used by people to get away from the cold wind and into the nice sun...

Actually it was, and todays most important find for me personally, almost as a side effect, was that I could see that the angle of IR photography didn’t affect the measured temperatures, ie I can measure “around” corners and uneven surfaces without worrying about temperature data being wrong. This result was a given for Jan, but I had secretly been worried about it; I should simply have asked him one year ago about it…

So to sum the initial conclusions up, it seems that the grout (cement mellan stenarna) is the hottest, followed by sandstone, and then quartzite rocks with the lighter of those being the coldest. Also there are obvious edge effects between materials, and a thermal gradient down into the rock (as seen when photographing around corners.

In the evening Jan and me was invited to a informal but warm dinner at Ian Meiklejohns home, with several of Ian’s collegues from the department  in which we ended up eating grilled fish, sweet potatoes, and a choice of cheeses as a starter. My and Jan’s gift of a bottle of Scottish whiskey was also appreciated in a double sense. When we went home we could again feel the south African winter bite, even if its nowhere near the Swedish one.

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