fredag 7 oktober 2016

Kpop: Top 20 third quarter of 2016

A great quarter where the best songs more often than not had a more soulful or western sound than usual.

20. Crayon Pop - Doo Doom Chit. The most cute kpop girls are back with another catchy track with a saxophone and refrain that slays all opposition.

19. San E & Raina - Sugar & Me. I really, really don't have a soft spot for all these duets in kpop, but this is an exception. It got that dynamic and creativity that is often missing.

18. Zhoumi - What's Your Number? The track sounds familiar - in a good way. Soft and retroesque, Zhoumi invites us for some reality escape.

17. Two X - Over. Actually, the video is the strong point here to be honest. I find the girls and the story super charming. ;-)

16. Hitchhiker - 10$. Some will hate this track, call it a failed 90s fallback techno track, but love the trashy samples and video. Hypnotic like in the good 'ol MTV days.

15. Jaeney - Tell Me Why. Great ballad, and the only thing I disagree with is why they don't use the real singer in an otherwise atmospheric video.

14. Beatwin - Your Girl. Classical romantic kpop boy band song with a sweet melody.

13. Mino - Body. Yo, Mino, damn are you one cool guy. Love the way you sing and all.

12. Sweet Sorrow - No Dae-bak. The veteran boys gives us attitude - and it is super Dae-bak!

11. Cosmic Girls - Secret. A relatively new group, this video is their best so far, a fantasy that is combined with a well delivered and sweet track.

10. Spica - Secret Time. If there was a top list for competent and charming kpop girl groups that never quite gets a break, Spica must be in the top.

9. Clazziquai Project - #Curious. The rhythm. The soulfulness. Aaah.

8. Eric Nam ft Loco - Can't Help Myself. His voice is just to die for, again.

7. Red Velvet - Russian Roulette. Kpop quality A, again the girls of RV delivers a world of rhythm and distinction that is all familiar and still their own.

6.Taewan - Problem. The passion is very much tangible in the song and the video.

5. Stellarjet - Just Before A Storm. SUng in english, it may seem like a 90s throwback, but it is rather a timeless indie song.

4. Jero ft Giriboy - Airplane. I just love the swing in this track, it's just perfect.

3. Fei - Fantasy. It's a dreamy song that is light a sensual fantasy, a great solo debut for Fei.

2. Kiha & The Faces - The Smell's Gone. That refrain just sticks there, with all the guys presenting a tight and well delivered track.

1. ELO - Rose. Nostalgic and very beautiful song with a cool ELO performing.

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