söndag 9 oktober 2016

Jpop: Top 10 of third quarter 2016

There hasn't been *that* much jpop that caught my eye this quarter, but what there was, was good.

10. Daoko - Daisuki. The third video is the coolest, with industrial robots making it all interesting.

9. Charisma.com - Moya moyashite. This video which makes the duo look almost native manages to return much of what made me like them from the beginning.

8. Yumemiru Adolescence - Leadership. Film everything on a 45 degree slope - that's enough to create something new to lift a whole video.

7. Devil No Id - Eve. Basically trying to momic Babymetal, the initial song still has promise, and they may still eke out something of their own.

6. Wagakki Band - Strong Fate. The classical instrument band cum japanese fantasy cosplayers delivers another diorama of dramatic role play and music play.

5. Daoko -  Moshimo Bokura ga GAME no Shuyakude. The second of the three videos/songs from her triple single is the best, celebrating computer gaming.

4. Passepied - Hyper Realist. One of the best tracks by this stylish band.

3. Reol - Give me a break Stop now. We finally get to see Reol and she is such a cool young lady, with a great track.

2. Czecho No Republic - Dream Beach Sunset. The humor and retro electronica is pitch perfect.

1. Taemin - Sayonara Hitori. The video is almost too much of everything, but the glorious romance and passion combined with Taemin singing in Japanese works perfectly.

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