tisdag 31 maj 2016

Jpop: Oyasumi Hologram (おやすみホログラム)

The odd duo Hachigatsu-chan ("Miss Hachigatsu") and Kanami Mochizuki make up the duo Oyasumi Hologram, an indie band that with their second album "2" this spring has some interesting songs on it, especially the song "Neuromancer". I really liked their cooperation with Have a Nice Day!, especially "Emerald". Neuromancer continues on that sound that they do well, their typical disharmonic tension, but at the same time it is more stable and focused than most they've have done, making it more likeable in my ears.
  • Oyasumi Hologram - Neuromancer (ニューロマンサー)
  • Oyasumi Hologram & Have a Nice Day! - Emerald (エメラルド)
  • Oyasumi Hologram - 11
  • Oyasumi Hologram - Someone's garden (誰かの庭)
  • Oyasumi Hologram - Way home
  • Oyasumi Hologram - Note 

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