söndag 15 maj 2016

Japan: Yuko Oshima meets the Kano Sisters

It is hard to miss that my blog takes it name from japanese Yuko Oshima, the extremely charming and popular ex-AKB48 member that for represents much of my ideal personality would be. Everyone who follows japanese pop and their idol groups can't miss out on how chaste the girls are supposed to be. Even a suggestion of one of them having a boy-friend may merit exclusion from all activities. It may then come as a surprise when we get to see her not only visit but do ... things ... that we almost wouldn't see on sexually liberated swedish television. The Kano Sisters are known for their big 'charms', but actually their fan base is as much women as men. Please read this very nuanced article before you judge them. The short clip is also an excellent peek into the kind of anti-stylish and very folksy TV shows that are so popular in Japan. Yuko Oshima shows what a big heart she has, expanding the narrow idol role to something more and meaningful, something about human equality and even love.

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