tisdag 15 september 2015

Kpop: Primary (프라이머리)

There is no denying artist and music producer Primary is talented, but it has been a while since I heard a song that had the balance of rhythmic soulpop and hip hop (ie less of the latter), namely "See Through" back in 2012. This year has seen him releasing a steady stream of very slick and interesting videos, all with great guest artists making them musically vibrant, but it is the latest "Hello" with Lena Park as has struck closest to my heart.

  • Primary ft Lena Park - Hello (네일 했어)
  • Primary ft Zion T & Gaeko - See Through (씨스루)
  • Primary ft ChoA & Iron - Don't Be Shy (아끼지마)
  • Primary & Ohhyuk ft Lim Kim - Gondry (공드리)
  • Primary & Ohhyuk - Island 

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