torsdag 30 juli 2015

Kpop: Girl's Day - Ring My Bell

I will be honest, there are reasons I hate this summer song from Girl's Day, the styling of the four gorgeous girls being the main reason. I mean:
Where did those *but-ugly* bathing suits come from?! And the zebra background just doubles the pain.

Hotpants to die for. Literally die...

Homeless bum - jeans meets marching band gold chains??

And that super-cheesy whip-my-horse's-ass move in the refrain...

This video was going straight for the Top 10 Biggest disappointments this summer. And then I just had to listen to it again one more time. And one more time...just to hate it all again. And when I returned to listen the 10th time I had to admit it - the song is actually quite addictive, the refrain being really catchy, and the girls just shines through all the styling filth by sheer force of charisma. So in the end this actually became one of their most memorable videos. - But - don't do it again!

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