onsdag 27 november 2013

Kpop: Hyolyn - One Way Love (너 밖에 몰라)

I suppose the tactic with releasing two debut songs/videos like Hyolyn's company is doing, can have the benefits of higher exposure and also getting fans and subtractors to divide among themselves which one is the better one. And, yes, I will bite and say that I prefer the better song from "Lonely" to the more sexy but plain "One Way Love". The theme, common in kpop and kdrama, also makes me slightly sad as the signals in the video somehow sends double messages. Sure, that kind of uncertainty can be common in a relation, but it is just so often one is even supposed to somehow even enjoy this kind of misstreatment from men of their "loved" ones in korean/japanese/chinese dramas (as a kind of romantic suspense until thw two finally "falls in love") so I would rather skip it when possible. I'm not blaming Hyolyn for this, she's just part of an industry that really should learn to differentiate between sexy and sexistic a little bit more. It can be a thin line, but at least it could avoid flirting with such male chauvinistic views. It is like the difference between humor and sadism. One is enjoyed by both and the other is (usually) a One Way "Love".

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