tisdag 15 januari 2013

Kpop: Kim Sori (김소리)

Kim Sori was rejected from Jewelry, but has made gone her own way through successfully starring in musicals to possible fame. The latest song and video Dual Life has potential (for several reasons) to become her stepping ladder to more recognition.

  • Kim Sori - Dual Life (이중생활)
  • Kim Sori - Lip (입술이 정말)
  • Kim Sori - Hero (영웅)
  • Kim Sori ft JCO - Boy Boy / Disco Party 1982
  • Kim Sori ft Naco (코나) - You're not my style (넌 내스타일이 아냐)
  • Kim Sori - The heart dances (심장이 춤춘다)

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