fredag 11 januari 2013

Kdrama: Architecture 101 (건축학개론)

Some movies could really have been made a number of places in the world. The details and inflections of the set may be genuinely korean, but at the same time its a classic piece of movie art. This truly holds for the korean movie Architecture 101. It tells the story of two peoples complicated love story over time. The movie takes place when they meet at a introductory architecture curse in Seoul, and 17 years later when the woman seeks out the man who now is an architect. She asks him to rebuild her home at Jeju island, and gradually their common past is retold and makes its impact on the present. Be prepared that the movie is a true asian movie in the drama department, its bittersweet romance told with a gentle hand. All the more touching because of that. The actors you may know from series like Fashion King(Lee Je-Hoon) och Big (Bae Suzy, known from miss A).

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