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Trip to Seoul: Day 5 - Riverdance and Pig Feet

[If you want to start at the biginning of my travellogue, its here]

Well, to be honest I may have exaggregated the first part in the header a little, but what I *did* was at one point was cross the Cheonggyecheon stream on som stepping stones, making me "dance" in a fashion over a "river".
I had time for a 1,5 hour walk in the afternoon and what better way to spend it than walking? The Cheonggyecheon is a recreated water stream that originally was built over and used as road, but then reclaimed in 2005, and know gives residents and visitors alike a chance to stroll along a nice water stream, which is especially nice in summer I'd imagine. With minus 10 degrees, the dampness doesn't exactly add to the enjoyment, but the times the sun peeked around the skyscrapers it was quite OK. The place is evidently often used for romantic strolls also, from the top of my head I also remember that the kdrama Lie To Me had a scene recorded here.

The shell at the start of the stream is like Seouls version of Stockholms Sergels Torg, ie a place Seoulites go to celebrate great wins and such. The funny thing is that the sculpture "spring" is actually made by the swedish-born artist Claes Oldenburg.
And to the east of the sculpture the water starts.

I continued downstream a couple of kilometers which too me past Bangsan Market, Gwangjang market and Doota until I reached Hwanghakgyo (12th I think) bridge and Seoul Folk Flea Market.

Election banners, this one I don't think is actually for one of the main candidates. I usually have seen students carrying it, and its a play with the peace symbol. Some kind of activists?

Scyscrapers alla around

Bangsan market. Cooking apparel and specialist foodstuffs.

But mostly stuff for making food. And things more for office work.

Pig's feet, or Jokbal as its called, with the first two sidedishes. Very nice for a meat lover, and since it was cut thin slabs I didn't have to look at some feet too ^_^. I could feel the taste of marrow (meant in a good way). Cost 7000 Won (45 SEK/7 $).

And here comes a soup too. And I can't eat with sticks as usual, so I used my hands and got som paper towel from the caring food stall owner. The Kimchi I actually passed on, its a bit strong and with no rice I didn't want to "spoil" my meat experience.

The Pyeonghwa wholesale market. 

Most of the clothes was of some kind of 50+ asian style and patterns that made med slightly (sorry, but thats the truth...) queasy. There were some exceptions, but all in all, guess if I was happy to visit Doota again a final time. After looking around there  and reestablising my respect for korean and asian fashion, I found this resting spot called "FIKA - Swedish coffe break" which is quite spot on! They had menues with swedish letters like Ö in all the right places,  and the special "Semla" buns, and *even* earl grey tea. My respect for Doota went even one step higher then, haha. ;-)

The Fika Place got some strong brands as a support. Even Nubie Jeans ;-P

The Seoul Folk Flea market - "antiques", second hand and newer stuff like sportswear and a lot of other stuff. The green/purple line has a station close by (which has a little confusing setup, but I worked it out).

Fishing poles

Funny english text. They do their best, but I still think you would put effort to get spelling right when actually producing stuff in big numbers? ;-)

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