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East Asian pop update Mars - May 2018

Dreamcatcher in "You & I"

Three more months has passed, and so spring came and left, and now we have had a month of summer here in Sweden, no rain and only sun.

1. Probably the best mainstream kpop song of these months, and a great debut for girl group (G)I-Idle, is the video "Latata". It feels like one of the best songs from Blackpink.

2. An alternative high point came from Anda, who has always had a unique voice for the korean music scene, and the song "Dressroom" together with super talent music writer Primary is just another great and ambient music escapade.

3. TVXQ delivers another classy kpop hit in their "The Chance Of Love". Cool choreography and catchy beats.

4. I have written about korean/chinese Shi Shi and her great voice before, and now she has returned with the emotional "Guilty(內疚)". 

5. Pinokko may turn some people off, but her song debut "Trend" also has elements of ASMR and it  IS a fascinating video.

6. Kpop girls Dreamcatcher's niche is adding some metal guitars and sounds together with more dark themes than is usual for kpop. New "You & I" is typical and a good example of the kind of drama they go for.

7. Taiwanese Emma Wu had her korean debut with the song "Sugar Rush", and the korean production values is kind of obvious in the sugar sweet video.

8. Dance ballet & jpop group Color Pointe really should have had their own post, but instead you get their otherwordly beautiful "Mahoroba kanrakugai" from last summer.

9. Crossgene has a song that swings between soft and catchy in Dandelion(달랑말랑).

10. UNB gives us really nice up-tempo kpop in "Feeling".

This and that:
  • The youngest member of 2PM has debuted in Japan with the funky "Treasure".
  • sony & JitteryJackal has a indie hit in "Diorama Tokyo (ジオラマ東京)"
  • Uni.T returns with a dance friendly song "No More".
  • Ok, OK! Lovelyz "That Day" is seen for its 4K resolution eye candy glory...
  • Honey Popcorn debuted with OK song "Bibidi Babidi Boo", but instead the center of attention was on the fact that the members had a background in the japanese AV industry...

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